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Maxx Powr's COD MW3 Crouch Only Server: 68:232.174.155
Maxx Powr's New COD MW3 Crouch Only Server:
(Thanks to Thatguy)

Maxx Powr

Your humble (and handsome) host.

9-23-22 A new server is up for COD MW3 listed as:
Maxx Powr's Crouch (PFRAGS.COM) " (Stats are now available, click the header below)

We have a second server Maxx Powr's New Crouch Server. No Gametracker Stats available for that server.

2 pfrags

This is what your life is worth in here.

Hey Man, a lot of things don't work here.

No kidding. Site has been around since 2010.
Life moves at an incredible pace.Priorities come and go. You have to move with them or perish.
I was rather fond of this site at one time, and who knows, it may come back to life. For now, it's a good place to post the rules for the COD MW3 server.

* Please ignore references to Pfrags counters etc. We can't get the game log for this game. :( Perhaps we will start another server with a game where it works.)
Current Admins in Alphabetical order:
Blind Squirrel, Doc=Corpsman, FF: Duck of Death, Enzyte Bob, JJhud, Maxx Powr, Miss Kitty, FF: Oh Dan, FF: Paul Revere, Killa, Spaced, Thatguy, and Twizted

* Server location is Chicago ; hopefully decent ping for most players.

People still play this game? Yes.

Why Crouch only, that is so lame, stupid, etc?
We like it. It's a different type of game. It is only lame and stupid to you. I bow to your superior opinion and suggest you go elsewhere. It's not for everybody.
TK is on.
It's hardcore (game type, not self-aggrandizement).


The idea of the server is to have fun. It's not real, not life or death. You can't win anything or lose anything. If you aren't any good, you can keep trying, like me. Don't get mad, curse, start TK'ing. You'll still be crappy and you'll get kicked. Just have fun. BE KIND! If you see someone is struggling with weapon creation or game play, help them, don't ridicule them.


#1: Treat other players as you would like to be treated. Don't be a jerk. ("It's nice to be nice to the nice." Frank Burns) If you know a child is playing, clean it up and watch your language. Let other players know a child is playing, preferably by private chat, if possible. (Let's not embarrass them. Most of you are children anyway.)

Pretend your mother is online here. On second thought, pretend MY mother is online here and she already disapproves of you. (Your mother's mistakes are becoming obvious.)

Sometimes things slip out. Please don't make a habit of cursing or then we'll have to make a rule against it all. And don't curse AT people, name call etc. You never know if your mother is in the game.

Do not harass female players here.
This will get you banned.
You're lucky to even be with a female, so just giggle to yourself and be polite.

#2: The admin don't admin for the glory or the power.
It's a crappy job. They have to stop playing to baby sit. It sucks. They will remind you of the rules, if you break them. So, stop running, it's not that kind of server. They can kick you or ban you, so be polite. Refer to #1. Same goes for Admins: be polite, be kind, have fun.

What? That's crazy! It's a crazy world, deal with it. It's in the name, why are you surprised?! You can't run or walk while upright. You can run all you want while crouched. (Ha-ha you idiot, that's not possible.)

* You can stand to look over a box or anything and you can shoot while standing, just don't move left right backward or forward while standing. You can go prone.

* You can run from a grenade or a bomber run, to safety, but not across the entire map running and gunning as you go. You cannot run when you spawn, just because you want to be somewhere else. Don't worry, everyone makes mistakes, hits the wrong key, or doesn't realize they are walking or running. It happens. You'll be warned that you are.(That is a friend helping you, not a jerk criticizing you.) Remember dead people can see through your model's eyes. We know what you are doing.

#4: The game is old, server is new.
There are bound to be glitches along the way while we try to improve it. Try to keep the whining down to a minimum. If you have a suggestion, please do. Yes, sometimes we will play maps you don't like. Nobody cares. It's character building. You need it. Many thanks to those who are trying to help make it better!

#5: If you hack the server or try to knock it offline, congratulations, you passed the test; you're an idiot. It will come back up and you will be banned. "Oh, I'm so slick I'll come back as a different stolen steam id. You'll never stop me. Muhahaha!" You da man. Grow up. Nobody cares. It's a game. Come back when you mature, meet some nice people and play a game. You're not exactly breaking into Fort Knox.

#6: Banning or kicking.
I don't want to ban anyone: refer to #1. You may be kicked for inactivity to let someone else into the game. I f you are leaving to use the little girls' room, let someone in game know with a BRB (be right back) or similar. Please go to spectate mode otherwise you are an easy kill and your team will get stuck spawning where you are. We don't need a thesis about your bathroom habits. Kicking won't ban you, but it may delay your re-entry back in the game. Sorry, stuff happens. Sometimes fat fingered admins kick the wrong person by mistake. It is not personal and usually they are more sorry than they should be. Accidents happen; you happened (talk to your parents.)

"HEY! Why did you kick me?"
If you come into the server, "CROUCH" is in the name. If you walk or run, you will be warned/reminded. If you continue to walk/run/TK, etc, don't be surprised/outraged when you get kicked. It's logical consequences to your own behavior. READ THE SCREEN

* Do not linger in Spectate mode: Sometimes you think you signed out, but you were actually in spectate blocking a slot for someone who wants to get in. Yes, you can go grab a drink or whatever, (I don't want to know) just let someone know you will BRB. If you get kicked, sorry. It's possible nobody heard you or saw it in global chat, or the map changed when you typed your BRB and nobody saw it. It's not personal, mostly. If you want to make sure we saw your BRB, wait for an acknowledgement, like "OK." Lately, we are just dropping people who forget to say something. You'll be able to get back in unless all the slots are full. Sorry.

#7: Language(s) This is an English-speaking server.
The idiot running it is not fluent in any other languages. Consequently, I and many here, cannot understand your issue if there is a dispute. It's not personal or racist, some English speakers can't be understood either so there's that. We will try to warn you in English, "Crouch," or "No running." If you see those, you already broke a rule. Google them for your language. Some players are bilingual and will try to help you; pay attention to them.
* Racism: Racism will not be tolerated. You will be banned.
* Sexism: I don't know what sex you are and I don't want to know. See Rule #1.

#8: Random grenades.
Many players like to start the game by throwing a grenade where they know or think the other team is spawning. Shame on you. Obviously, you were raised poorly and need some help. But, it's not illegal and a bear to control, so at this point in time, it's okay. * This is actually true throughout the game; how do you know when someone is throwing a random grenade? They may know where you were, where fire came from, or whatever. This is nota mind reading server. You'll be fine in about 5 seconds when you respawn. Breathe.

#9: It's a game.
Sometimes you lose. It doesn't matter. The map will change or you will respawn to try again. Dying is the best part. If everyone was invulnerable it would just be a bunch of loonies running around making noise.

#10: I want this, I want that, I want I want.
You needy little #@#!$ Let's just start with map rotation of all maps, okay? It's Team Deathmatch, Hardcore for now. We can try different gameplay, different weapon styles (ex. shotty only maps) etc. Patience. (It's already better)

#11: I want to contribute.
Thank you. You make me proud to know you. I plan to use this space to advertise books for struggling Indie Authors. You don't have to buy anything or contribute. If you want to contribute $ to something, I like The Wounded Warriors Project or Concerns of Police Survivors but it's not necessary to play here. (If you want one of my books, I can be pretty darn generous, for a fee. That's a joke. If you would like an ebook copy, let me know.) If you really want to thank me, read one of my books and leave a review. Doesn't have to be 5 stars, it can be 6 or 10. Kidding. Any review you leave helps an Indie author. Let me know how you liked it.

#12: TK's Team Killing
It happens, but please apologize in global chat. Global chat is the typing you see players sometimes using when they don't have a mic. If you don't know which key, choose options keyboard shortcuts in game. * Sometimes a map repeats and everyone tk's everyone else until the map changes. This can be disturbing if you just got there, but that is what is happening. Don't get mad, or get even by tk'ing in the next map. This is why we apologize for our mistakes. It just means the map is going to be changed as soon as possible. Get into it: it's the only time you can kill your teammates and get away with it.

#13: Politics:
The occasional comment is fine, but let's not fight while we are killing each other, it's uncivilized. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and to remove all doubt. (yes, I'm looking at you)

#14: I want to be an Admin
Why? What is wrong with you? Do I know you? If you are a friend and we have been playing together a long time, no problem. If I don't know you, or you are new, let's get to know each other first. The qualifications are: you know the rules and follow rule #1 You do not need to be in any clan. * Please don't give the Admins a hard time. You will get kicked. They are just trying to do their job. These idiots don't even get paid. (don't tell them I said that) If you do screw up (and we all do) just say "sorry." Even if you don't think you did screw up, or it was someone else,just say "sorry." It doesn't cost you anything and everyone can get back to playing. Admin are trying to play too and don't see everything that happens. Sometime they rely on information from other players, often which is fake news. If you have a handicap that causes you to run, walk or jump due to keyboard issues or whatever, just tell any of the admin, or me.

#15: Rules subject to change by whim or mood.
I will try to follow rule #1, but I can be a jerk sometimes, ask anybody. Everyone has bad days, and they often come into the game to blow off steam from reality. Admin are people(well, some of them), if they make a bad call about you running or TK'ing an entire team, forgive them. They are just doing their job. You can appeal bans by dropping me a line or two with the details. I don't want to ban anyone,but I'm not a nice person, so be forewarned. If you are hacking, or intentionally running, tk'ing etc, you will be banned. We will warn you, tell you to go to the rules page, but after awhile, you're boring, and you will get banned. If you got banned for harassing female players or a child, fuggedaboutit. I don't care if you were drunk. It's not acceptable behavior.

#16: Special rules, for some maps:
Maps like Terminal, Bootleg and Vortex have certain spots that allow an unscrupulous player to snipe the spawns. This (duh) is considered "spawn camping" and is frowned upon.

On TERMINAL there is a flat roof with a propane tank. You can go up there to cross over, but don't set up camp; move on. If people are shooting YOU, obviously, and you're suddenly in a firefight, you CAN shoot back. Please don't abuse this or it will be simply disallowed. Use the roof to get up on girders and such, but don't live on the flat roof.

On BOOTLEG there is a set of CINDER BLOCKS at the end of the street. You sometimes spawn there. Please keep moving. Camping there you can snipe spawns, so spawn and get moving.

On VORTEX there is a chicken coop. Please don't set up camp in there. It's a spawn and overlooks spawns. Get out as quickly as you can.

We are trying to make it as fair as possible to everyone. If you camp up there and snipe players spawning, you just ruin the map for everyone. It's not all about you. It doesn't make you the better player because you have a high score for killing helpless players who just spawned. Seek help. If you want to kill the helpless, sit by a tactical insert like Maxx does.

The problem is that people like to pitch a tent and snipe the spawns. Very uncool.

* There are spots that are legit, not glitches. If they are NOT mentioned in here, they are "fair play." If you know of glitches or spots you want me to add, let me know. It's just a game. Who doesn't love a secret hiding place to shoot your friends from?!

* Spawn Camping: Sitting on the spawn waiting for players to materialize so you can kill them. Uncool. Don't do it. It happens sometimes, especially for people like me who don't keep track of spawns. If you are in a spawn, try to move through. Yes, they will try to shoot you too, so if it happens it's not the end of the world. (Oh the humanity! The outrage!Yeah, yeah, shove it.) Spawn camping is intentionally trying to beef up your score by sitting at the spawn and repeatedly killing anyone who spawns. Obviously you were bottle fed, with inferior formula. There's no coming back from that. Sometimes an enemy player will spawn in front of you. What do you do? You kill him, duh. "Oh man, I just spawned you filthy spawn killer." When you stop laughing at their outrage, just let it go. If they are really mad, they need to get over it. It's not like you can let them turn around and kill you... and they would. It's just part of the game. It's not perfect. Or, you could be classy and let them go at least to cover, but that is a split second judgment call.

#17: Not a rule, but do it anyway.
It's just a game. Don't take it too seriously. It's for fun.

* Congratulate people for doing well.
Don't mock players (like Maxx) for doing terrible. It's hurtful and not helpful.(He's not likely to get better.)

* Don't boss people around.
This applies to everyone including me. You're not the boss of me, I'm married. If you cross into her territory then may God have mercy on your soul. She's very territorial.

* Don't tell people what gun to use, or not use.(only admins can do that if there's a glitch in the game and suddenly everyone has unlimited RPG's. (though that does sound like fun)

* Don't tell people where to go (literally or metaphorically.)

We all follow a different drummer. Maybe he/she has diabolical plan, maybe Maxx is just scared.

* Don't accuse people of hacking or aimbotting.
Let an admin know what you suspect and they can spectate them. If you don't have proof, keep it to yourself. Some people are just that good at this game, have a better computer than you, better connection, or live next door to the server. If I had a nickel for everyone who has accused me of hacking because of my obvious skills, well, I'm still waiting for that to happen, but you get the point.

Seriously, I know it looks like some people are cheating sometimes:
"How did they know I was there?" (been there, thought that)
"How did he hit me through a concrete wall?" (Who knows? "It's not a perfect world.)
"17 and 0? Yeah, right, he must be hacking, using an aimbot or wall hack, something!"
Everyone has that occasional great game, good for them. If someone is hacking, let us know, pity them and be glad you're not them.

* If you are hacking to get a better score, seek help. Your self-esteem should not be wrapped up in a video game where you cheat to win. This indicates a serious problem. If this is you, you should pay us for self-esteem therapy.

* Grenade Launchers, RPG's have been removed on most maps. Some maps are mostly RPG's and Launchers. ;)

Many thanks to Killa for figuring out the config files. He's not just a pretty face. Also, many thanks to those who offered help. Much appreciated. Thanks to Enzyte Bob for his advice and help; next time I'm asking you first. Thanks also to Casper and thanks to our illustrious admins.
Let me know what you want, but not in game, I won't remember. (I might, but you're really taking a chance.)

* How can I reach you or the Admin:
PM me in Steam if you are in my friend's list. If not add me, ask your question,then delete me. I don't need friends that badly. It is very difficult in game to hear what everyone wants at the same time over the sounds of explosions and gun fire. If I'm in a game, don't expect immediate results if you PM me. I'm fighting for my life, for Pete's sake.

* Hey, Maxx, I want in, kick somebody.
Um... No? Sure, I like you better than everyone else in here, but if you came late to the party, you have to stand in line like everyone else.
But Maxx, I'm an Admin. I'm special. Meh. Are you? If there are other Admin in the game, just wait for an opening. Yes, it's good to have Admin in there, but kicking should be kept to a minimum.
Oh so you are just going to kick someone so you can get in? I see how it is.
Do you? I don't mind waiting to get in. It's proper respect for the other players who already waited. You may get kicked if there are no Admin in there so they can oversee the game, change maps etc., but most of the regulars know the game/rules. It should be rare.

#18: Game Names:
Please try to use a decent name, nothing disgusting, (It's not disgusting to me! So screw you!)
Shuddup! It's not open for debate. (I honestly like funny disgusting names, but we aren't the only people in the game, are we?)
Sometimes kids play here and we like them better than you already. Be especially kind to kids in here.
We wouldn't want them to turn out like you.

Don't give any information to anyone on the Internet, EVER!
But, we won't know you are a kid, unless you tell someone on here. We often tease each other as part of the game. You will often see "Maxx you stink" or "Maxx you aren't getting any better." I know this is all in good fun and I'm really awesome. Some people can appear to be hurtful with a clumsy joke here or there. Just ignore them. You can say, hey "I'm just a kid." We don't need any more information than that. If someone starts chatting you up for information in here, don't give them any. Tell an Admin.

Also, if you use only punctuation in your name, ".,?" it is extremely difficult to see your tags. That may be your intent, but it will get you team-killed a lot.
Please try to use an Alphabetical name while you play here.
HI Your cooperation is appreciated. Be creative, or not.

#19: Jump Shooting:
Don't do it. It's not a run 'n gun server and that includes jumping.
Current Admins in Alphabetical order: Blind Squirrel, Doc=Corpsman, FF: Duck of Death, Enzyte Bob, JJhud, Maxx Powr, Miss Kitty, FF: Oh Dan, FF: Paul Revere, Killa, Spaced, Thatguy, and Twizted

* Idiots who come into the game asking if any admins are in here. You are diabolical. I'm sure you're only asking to make a helpful suggestion or ask a question. If you just want to run and tk, you will be banned.

We are instituting a "secret admin" policy. (ooooooh) Their names won't be listed here. You won't know when they are on. They won't admit when they are on. (Nobody outdiabolicals Maxx Powr)

Also, most of the players here are regulars. They know the rules. They will tell an admin what you were doing. We tend to believe people we know over people we don't know. duh! If you get shot by your own team, it may just be a love tap reminder that you can't run or walk here.
* If you're calling my judgment into question, you're not wrong. :P
* The idea of a lot of admins is to insure that there is one in game most of the time to help change maps, kick unruly players etc. I don't think any of them will get into a map change admin war. If they do, please record it while I buy popcorn to watch later.

#20: Juggernaut:
If you have a juggernaut, you can walk/run.
Crouch Juggernaut is ridiculously slow, so this is the exception to the rule. YOU HAVE TO BE WEARING THE SUIT, for those of you who like to dicker.

#21: Of Super Mice and Lesser Men:
I know many of you have super duper gaming mice. Me too. I know they can be made to repeat a key FAST. Unfortunately, this means you can have a machine pistol in a pistol-only map. This obviously gives you an unfair advantage over those who don't have a super mouse. I know, I know, other people have faster machines, faster connections etc. The idea here is to make the server as fair as possible to everyone. We can't stop, and shouldn't stop, faster machines, faster connections, but using a macro or enhanced mouse defeats the whole idea of a level playing field. Please refrain from using this feature. You wouldn't want to win unfairly, would you?

#22: When admin are present DO NOT VOTE MAP CHANGES, KICKS or anything else, that's their job.
Ask them to change the map, or ask for a map you like. They are very nice about it, but if you just got there, they have played a few maps before you, and listen to them when they say "we just played that map." Also, shouldn't have to say this, but what they say goes. Please defer to them. Don't swear at them, cause trouble etc. It will be hard to defend yourself if you act like a jerk and get banned. We don't want to kick anybody or ban anybody. Sometimes people make mistakes both as players and as admin. Give each other a break. Forgive and forget, then hunt them down like dogs and shoot them in the face. Peace out!

#23: Your server sucks, where else can I play?
I would highly recommend FF Crouch Only TDM #1, very similar rules, good people. * Sadly, FF MW3 server is no longer operational. I have seen a few of the FF'ers playing COD4 server and maybe you can try that. As mentioned, really nice people and they basically have the same rules as here. DF clan also has an MW3 server. I "think" it's mostly sniper, but not sure. Also nice people. It too is crouch.
* We now have:
1 INFECTED map (YOU CAN RUN N' GUN on this map)
1 CAPTURE THE FLAG map (* it may also be Run n' Gun too, just ask, hard to capture anything crouched)
1 DROPZONE, (CROUCH for now)
1 Rocket/Launcher map (CROUCH)
1 Shotgun Only map (CROUCH)
1 Kill Confirmed map. (CROUCH)

There are limitations to how many different types of game play we can have at any given time. If we have too many "special" maps, then it really stops being a TDM Crouch server. Everyone likes what they like and we will try to accommodate. Some of these we will try and may not be popular and can be replaced with a different type. If people like the particular game play type on that map, we'll leave it alone. If not, pleeeeeaaaaase don't gripe at the admins in game. Just try it a few times before opening that giant gob of yours to complain.

* Please bear with us as changes are made. We'll try to implement your suggestions. I'm only barely human. Killa is a machine, but he needs maintenance periodically (think oil can...think whiskey). He is the one making all the map changes, so thanks to him.

GameTracker stats are now available. Woohoo! You may have to scroll through several pages to find yourself, Maxx. So hurtful.


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